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For your convenience, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you have additional questions not covered here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What type of boarding / daycare do you provide?

We provide a home style boarding and daycare environment out of our private residence in Fort Washington, MD. All dogs will have supervised access inside our home as well as our large, fully fenced back yard.

What are the requirements for Boarding & Daycare?

We host friendly, crate trained dogs over the age of 2 years that are spay / neutered and up to date on vaccines (rabies, bordatella & distemper)

How do I know if my dog will be a good fit?

While we are a good fit for many dogs, we are not a fit for all dogs. Please take the time to read through the information on our website regarding boarding / daycare requirements. Our new client intake form can be accessed here. We will be in touch after you receiving your completed form. If moving forward, we will schedule a meet & greet where you will bring your dog out for a visit so that we can evaluate your dog's compatibility with our resident dogs and setup.

How do I make a reservation for Daycare / Boarding?

If you are a new client the first step is to fill out of new client intake form. It can be accessed here. Once completed we'll be in touch.

Existing clients please text (920) 784-8249

Will my dog ever be left alone?

Transparent short answer - yes.

While we don't leave for extended periods of time we do leave the home and are unable to provide 24 hour care. If / when we do need to leave to run an errand / complete an outbound service for a client (dog walks etc) all boarding dogs are crated separately to ensure everyone is kept safe.

Where will my dog sleep?

All dogs are crated at bedtime in the dog lounge (a designated room inside our home just for the pups)

We provide crates and have both 36" and 42" available.

You are welcome to pack a blanket or clothing item from home for us to include in your dogs crate. The familiar scent often provides comfort for the pet especially if its their first time boarding with us.

What to pack? (Boarding)
  • Your dogs food - all meals  must be pre packaged in ziplock baggies by meal (meals should be labelled AM & PM if they are different) 

Please include all medication / supplements inside the appropriate bagged meals.

There is no need to date the bags unless there are specific medications / supplements required on certain days.

  • A snugg fitting collar & leash

  • You are welcome to pack a blanket or clothing item from home for us to include in your dogs crate

Please do not packany toys, bowls, beds or crates.  We would hate for these to get chewed or destroyed by another dog.  We have plenty of beds, toys, balls, bowls and anything else your pup could need to be happy and comfortable during their stay.

Each dog gets a small cubby for their belongings so less is more!

General rule of thumb - if it doesn't fit inside a book bag / tote please leave it at home 

Does my dog need to be spay / neutered to stay with you?

We require that all daycare & boarding dogs are spayed & neutered. While we understand that many owners elect to keep their dog intact, it can be a dangerous environment for an intact dog in a group play setting.

Will you provide photo updates throughout my dogs stay?

Yes! We provide daily updates in the form of pictures and videos - these are sent via text to your phone.

We also update our Instagram stories throughout the day. To follow the fun visit

Do the dogs ever get into fights / and or get injured?

Accidents and injuries are rare but they do occasionally happen.

Safety is our number one priority and our goal is to provide an environment in which dogs are happy and comfortable. We host a small group of friendly, social dogs at a time and while we do our best to minimize risks, ultimately we cannot eliminate them.

Happy, anxiety-free dogs tend not to bite, and we take many steps to ensure all guests are comfortable. These steps include:

  • Prohibiting dogs that are overly-anxious/fearful around other dogs, or are otherwise aggressive towards dogs.

  • Providing an a large fenced outdoor area for the dogs to run and play and keeping numbers consistent.

  • Proactively managing/monitoring group play to ensure safe and fun interactions.

  • Reducing situations where "resource guarding" can happen (e.g., crating dogs at mealtime)

If your dog is injured while in our care we will reach out to you via phone to notify you. If we are unable to reach you we will then attempt to reach your emegency contact.

In the event of an emergency our closest 24 hour vet is Waldorf Emergency Care.

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