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The Rules

Please read everything.

The following rules and regulations are in place to ensure a fun and safe environment is maintained for all of our canine guests.


All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper & Bordatella vaccinations as well as being on a flea / tick prevention.

We also highly recommend Canine Influenza vaccinations. 

This documentation is required prior to scheduling a meet and greet.

It is imperitive that you do not send your dog to daycare or boarding if they are coughing / sneezing, have diarrhea, vomiting, fleas or any illness.

Illneses are extremely contagious in a group boarding environment. Our canine guests share water bowls and play with their mouths.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


All dog drop offs and pick ups are strickly by appointment only.

When you are on your way to drop off or pick up your dog please text with the time your GPS says you will arrive.

For example: "On the way with Fluffy eta is 10:34"

Please send a second text when you arrive letting us know you are here and remain in your car and someone will come out to your car to collect or return your dog.


Please do not come to the gate, front door, or knock or ring the bell as this can disrupt and excite the pack inside. Someone will meet you at your car for the doggie handoff as this makes the process quick, easy and minimizes disruptions to the guests inside.

We understand that you may want to say goodbye to your dog and walk him/her to the gate however during our regular operations this is very disruptive to the other dogs and potentially dangerous.

We ask that you do your goodbyes before arriving. Having human visitors can spead disorder in the group.

When we have your meet and greet and evaluation you will get a chance to see your dog interact with the resident dogs and during this time you can also tour the outside space.

Please keep in mind this is a private residence and for this reason we do not conduct meet and greets or offer tours inside our home. 

There are photos of inside the home regulary posted on our social media outlets.

Phone calls / video chats to see the inside of the home can be scheduled upon request.

If you are running late to drop off or pick up your dog please text to let us know. We will do our best to accomodate.

Unannounced drop offs and pick ups can be very disruptive and potentially dangerous.

General Information

Hours of operation are 7am - 7pm, Monday - Friday and 9am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday.

We are unable to accept drop offs or pick ups before 7am.

All new clients wishing to book a stay longer than 3 nights must do a paid trial in advance to ensure the pet adjusts well to boarding (the trial can either be a day of daycare or an overnight stay)

This not only gives peace of mind to the pet owner but to the boarding household as well.

It also gives your pet a positive association to our home, having you pick them up the next day ensures they feel confident that you are coming back for them.

We provide daily updates to pet parents in the form of pictures and videos - these are sent via text to your phone.

We also update our Instagram stories throughout the day. To follow the fun visit


Payment in full is due prior to drop off.

Invoices are sent via email.

Your dogs boarding rate is based off a 24 hour period.

Therefore if drop off is in the morning and pickup is in the evening (or more than one hour after the drop-off time of day), there will be an additional daycare charge on your invoice.

If you are needing to extend your dogs boarding stay please let us know as soon as your plans change and we will send an invoice for the additional dates.

As food is packed for the duration of the dogs stay if you are needing to provide more food you can either have some shipped to our address or we can provide food for the remainder of the stay (a food charge will be added to your new invoice)

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